At a recent gathering of Heritage Foundation members, the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich congratulated us for launching Heritage Libertad.  The Speaker said he recognized how Heritage Libertad could be a critical tool to communicate conservative thought to Hispanics in our country.

With the Left eager to make Hispanics a permanent underclass dependent on the federal government for everything, it is absolutely vital that we effectively convey why Libertad – Liberty – is so vital to ensure that we live in a society where freedom, opportunity and civil society flourish for us all – including Hispanics.

More importantly, Heritage Libertad exists to provide the same research, analysis and commentary on As Heritage Foundation President, Ed Feulner says in today’s Washington Times column, “Unlike certain politicians, we don’t act as if there are “Hispanic” issues and “non-Hispanic” issues.”

Read the rest of President Feulner’s column here:

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