House Cloakroom


The House will be in recess from Monday, August 2nd, until Monday, September 13th.

Senate Cloakroom


This is the last week the Senate is scheduled to be in Washington before returning home for the August recess. The Senate is scheduled to vote on two domestic issues and then spend only three days debating the nomination of Solicitor General Kagan to the Supreme Court.

Senator Reid filed cloture on a substitute amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill last Thursday night, setting up a cloture vote for Monday evening. This substitute amendment contains $26.1 billion total: $10 billion for an education jobs fund and $16.1 billion for Federal Medical Assistance Percentage aid for states.

Reports also indicate that Senator Reid will try to move to his energy bill early this week. It is expected that Senator Reid will not have enough votes to proceed to this bill; it will be pulled from consideration and the Senate will turn to the Kagan nomination on Wednesday.

Major Floor Action:

Major Committee Action: