The day after the House voted to pass Obamacare, the New York Times declared “a triumph.” A few days later, President Obama told Iowa liberals that Obamacare is a “victory” and said the left has prevailed “after a century of trying.”

But how can a policy that buries the nation further into debt, strengthens the federal government, and undermines the very essence of our national character be labeled anything other than a dismal failure? It cannot. Obamacare fails the American people.

And it won’t end with health care. The left will use their so-called “victory” as an engine to plow through their progressive agenda. Their “victory” lap will likely include costly cap and tax energy programs, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and other big government proposals that all spell out one thing for each American — more money out of your pocket.

Here at The Heritage Foundation, we believe this is wrong. And we’re doing something about it.

We’re conducting a Tax Day Money Bomb tomorrow to send our elected officials a message that their reckless spending ways must end. Our goal is to raise $150,000 — money that, unlike your tax dollars, won’t be wasted.

Conservatives will not be silenced, especially if we’re expected to help foot the bill for these contentious policies. With our 633,000 members, The Heritage Foundation  is your voice in Washington. And our Tax Day Money Bomb is our way of turning up the volume!

My colleagues Ed Meese, Matt Spalding and Stuart Butler explain why the Tax Day Money Bomb is so important in this video:

Your donation tomorrow will help provide the resources necessary for our experts to mount an aggressive new effort to offer arguments with real research to make the case for lower taxes and limited government.

The fight for limited government requires constant vigilance and persistence. The Heritage Foundation will not back down, and I’m thankful to all of our members and supporters for standing with us.