Knowing what we know now, would the U.S. be able to stop another attack like that of Christmas Day 2009? This is certainly the question on the minds of many Americans today.  It is also one that Jamie McIntyre, veteran journalist and blogger for, had the opportunity to ask of Rand Beers, Under Secretary for National Protection and Programs Directorate from DHS, at a Heritage Foundation National Security Bloggers Luncheon.

Mr. Beers’ response can be seen here at thanks to a video posted by Jamie on his blog. However, to summarize the answer, Mr. Beer’s explains that while “Murphy’s law is alive and well…. the probability is considerably higher.”

To make sure that Mr. Beer’s is right, however, the Administration still has work to do.  As Heritage expert James Carafano outlined, the White House and the Department of Homeland Security must seek to enhance visa coordination between DHS and the Department of State; place more air marshals on passenger flights; accelerate the Secure Flight Program, Real ID, and the Visa Waiver Program; and, also, end the 100 percent interview requirement on visa applications.

Indeed, Mr. Beer’s will never be able to say that he is 100 percent certain that the U.S. is able to thwart the next terrorist attack, but actions by the Administration can at least ensure that he is right to say that the probability for success is higher.