At his impromptu press conference yesterday, President Barack Obama again defended his health care plan this time claiming:

I don’t know if people noted, because during the health care debate everybody was saying the President is trying to take over — a government takeover of health care. I don’t know if anybody noticed that for the first time this year you saw more people getting health care from government than you did from the private sector — not because of anything we did, but because more and more people are losing their health care from their employers. It’s becoming unaffordable. That’s what we’re trying to prevent.

First of all, we definitely noted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) report the President references above. But more importantly, if we are to take the President at his word, and believe him when he says he wants to prevent a government takeover of health care, then he should know that his plan is the exact wrong direction to go.

In a separate report on the Senate health bill issued earlier this year, the CMS projected that over half (18 million) of the 33 million Americans who would gain health insurance because of Obamacare, would do so by enrolling in Medicaid … which is a government run health care program. And another 2 million would enroll in Medicaid for supplemental coverage.

The President also said yesterday:

We’ve got to control costs, both for families and businesses, but also for our government. Everybody out there who talks about deficits has to acknowledge that the single biggest driver of our deficits is health care spending. We cannot deal with our deficits and debt long term unless we get a handle on that. So that has to be part of a package.

But guess what? According to that same CMS report, Obamacare would increase, not decrease, U.S. health expenditures by $234 billion by 2019.

President Obama said of his February 25th health care infomercial:

Let’s establish some common facts. Let’s establish what the issues are, what the problems are, and let’s test out in front of the American people what ideas work and what ideas don’t. And if we can establish that factual accuracy about how different approaches would work, then I think we can make some progress.

As the facts above clearly show, if reducing health care spending and stopping the government takeover of health care are your priorities, then Obamacare needs to be scrapped and Congress needs to start over.