Early this morning we asked a question on the Heritage Foundation’s Twitter and Facebook pages: What were Obama’s best and worst moments in his 1st 100 days, in your opinion? The response was overwhelming. We had 130 comments on Facebook and over 100 replies/messages on Twitter. Although there were many responses, the theme was constant.

The majority thought that the President’s best moment came when the Navy was able to ward off the Pirates and send Capt. Richard Phillips home safely. We wrote about that event, praising the Navy Seals who performed the rescue. It was really the first test of national security for Obama and from most accounts, he passed the test. The G20 summit did little to sustain these high opinions of his national security policy.

The theme of the worst moments, of course, was the massive amount of spending that has occured since Obama took office. The Stimlus, Omnibus, and Projected Budget for FY 2010 were a tipping point for hundreds of thousands of Americans and they showed their distaste in Tea Party-esqe protests around the country on April 15th (Tax Day). It was a great showing of Americans who have had enough, not just with taxes, not just with spending, but in the absolute disgraceful way it was passed by Congress. It was so outragous that it prompted Heritage President Ed Feulner to issue an open letter to Congress on how he had never seen anything more “cloaked in secrecy” than the Stimulus bill.

We thank all who participated in telling us their opinion and we look forward to doing this again on a regular basis.  Keep following us at @Heritage on Twitter, and become a fan of ours on Facebook.  We look forward to keeping the conversation open.