Secretary Clinton

In a recent Associated Press article, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s trip to Europe and the Middle East showed improvement as far as missile defense is concerned. Secretary Clinton “appeared to suggest that missile defense in Europe was a good idea even if Iran was no longer a worry.” While Iran is currently one of the biggest reasons for an effective missile defense system, Iran represents an evolving threat that will likely exist as long as ballistic missiles do. Missile defense systems are an integral part of national security in the 21st century.

The Obama Administration has not officially stated its intentions regarding missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic. Experts at The Heritage Foundation see missile defense as a necessary mechanism in protecting the United States and its allies. The Heritage Foundation released a documentary earlier this month titled 33 Minutes; the amount of time it would take for an enemy missile to strike the United States. “No issue carries greater potential for crisis than the growing threat of missile attack,” stated Dr. James Carafano of The Heritage Foundation. The Obama Administration should heed the warning and support the funding of proven missile defense systems.