The Los Angeles Times has a brain dead article out today explaining Why Obama’s green jobs plan might work. It contains all the usual leftist green collar job lies and this little gem from green collar jobs activist Van Jones:

“You can employ a lot of people very quickly with off-the-shelf technology like caulk guns,” said Jones, founder of Green for All, an economic development group.” This isn’t George Jetson stuff.”

Color us skeptical on claims that our economy can be saved by paying millions of Americans to go around caulking every window site. We are more apt to believe President-elect Barack Obama’s new budget chief, Peter Orszag, who wrote a report last January saying that some forms of alternative-energy spending “are totally impractical” for stimulating the economy and others “could end up making the economic situation worse” by adding to the federal debt.

And don’t believe any figures anyone on the left throws out claiming to show how many green collar jobs federal government spending can create. The very woman who coined the term green collar jobs, Apollo Alliance co-director Kate Gordon, recently admitted to the Wall Street Journal that the job creation numbers her group throws out are “just to inspire people.”