The Los Angeles Times has a great story out today about how a team of public school teachers hand selected three students from low-income immigrant families and created their own nonprofit to help get the students into prestigious private high schools. The teacher’s principal, Scott Schmerelson, told the Times: “The LAUSD has great magnet high schools these kids can go to if they wish, and if their parents wish to send them to private schools it’s OK with me too. It’s a wonderful opportunity to go off to a prestigious school and to a wonderful college.”

If only more teacher union members felt the same way. All families deserve the right to choose where their kids go to school. And slowly more and more Americans are gaining that right. As Heritage scholar Dan Lips noted earlier this year:

This year, 13 states and the District of Columbia are supporting private school choice. Approximately 150,000 children are using publicly funded scholar­ships to attend private school. Millions more are benefiting from other choice options ranging from charter schools and public school choice to home­schooling and virtual education. Still, an estimated 74 percent of students remain in government-assigned public schools.