Michael Medved, talk show host and author of “The 10 Big Lies About America: Combating Destructive Distortions About Our Nation,” spoke to the Voters Values Summit today about the three big lies people tell about social conservatives. Medved said Sarah Palin “blasted these lies away.” The three lies:

  1. That social conservatives hate women and that women hate social conservatives.
  2. That social conservatives hate sex.
  3. That the social conservative movement in America is depressed defeated and divided.

Medved on lie No. 1: “Most religious conservatives are married. This proves social conservatives love women! … Do you know many conservatives who say that Margaret Thatcher should have stayed home in the kitchen instead of changing the world.” Medved concluded: “There is no contradiction between femininity and social conservatism. True femininity is pro-life.”

Medved on lie No. 2: “If you looked at the McCain and Palin families at the convention, you’d see that conservatives don’t hate sex. John McCain has seven children (three adopted) and the Palin’s have five. … Conservatives love intimacy between a husband and wife. Sex is beautiful between a husband and wife. … A 1998 study by the University of Chicago found that married people at every age have sex more often than single do.”

Medved on lie No. 3: “Look at the crowds Palin has brought out. The division among social conservatives has been greatly over stated. … Conservatives, even those who are not religious, agree that religious faith is a positive force in this country. … This comes down to worldview. Doesn’t’ matter if you’re Christian Jewish or Muslim or even how often you go to church. All that matters is that you believe that evil does exist in this world, that it must be confronted and that it must be defeated.”