Seven Terrorist Groups Affiliated with al-Qaeda

Steven Bucci /

A screengrab taken from a video purportedly from Islamist group Boko Haram released on Youtube on May 1, 2012 shows a man holding an AK-47 assault rifle.

Recently certain experts opined that the war on terrorism is over. This statement is ludicrous. It is true that al-Qaeda Central (AQ) has been badly wounded, but it is not dead. It has grown hydra-like heads with new affiliates, which are cause for significant concern. Below is a primer of the major AQ affiliates.

In the Middle East we find both the most potent “son of AQ” and one of its oldest affiliates:

In the Afghanistan–Pakistan region, several groups have links with AQ. While the U.S. may be ready to declare hostilities over in the region, these groups are clearly not:

Africa has developed into a new front in the war, albeit with far less headline appeal in the U.S. The lower level of visibility on the continent makes these groups no less dangerous or significant. Given the difficulties with regard to governance in the region, these groups should be watched and countered:

All of these groups are still very actively pursuing AQ’s agenda. They still consider themselves at war with the U.S., the Western nations, and their own governments. It is a nice thought to declare the war on terrorism to be concluded, but someone forgot to inform these organizations.