Hypocrisy on Education

Conn Carroll /

Today the Washington Post continues its strong reporting on the left’s efforts to kill 1,900 scholarships for low-income students in the District of Columbia. The editors write:

Among the most maddening arguments used against the D.C. school voucher program is that it hurts the public schools. Any money set aside for vouchers comes on top of a generous federal allocation for the city’s public and charter schools. Any effect of the vouchers on public education has yet to be established or studied. Most of all, which members of Congress would accept an argument that they should be forced to send their children to a failing school for the good of the school?

Well, we can’t identify particular members, but according to our numbers, 37 percent of Representatives and 45 percent of Senators in the 110th Congress have at some time sent a child to private schools; a rate almost four times the rate of the general population.