Guest Blogger: Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) on ACES

Sen. John Barrasso /


The House of Representatives is prepared to pass the President’s energy tax, also known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act – or “ACES”. ACES is a fitting name for this particular bill, because it gambles with the future of the American people. In Blackjack, the dealer might have an ace showing, but one card in the dealer’s hand is always hidden. In this case, the hidden card is the real costs of this bill to the American taxpayer. What the taxpayer doesn’t know is that the odds for the game are that you lose.

No matter how many times the Majority deals in additional give-aways to special interests or another tax break to offset the monumental costs of this bill, the end will be just the same – the taxpayer goes bust. The House wins. ACES is a product of the supermajority the Democrats have in the House of Representatives. Given the rules and procedures of the House, reasonable amendments will be defeated or even blocked from consideration. The final product will not be a real starting point to begin this debate on climate change. ACES will have a devastating effect on our economy, and we will have no environmental benefit to show for it. I’m not alone in this assessment. (more…)