Heritage Radio: Hugo Chavez, Member Questions, More…

David Weinberger /

In last week’s Heritage Libertad Radio Show, our team covered a range of topics. Listen in Spanish or English.

The English segment kicked off with a discussion of Obama’s recent jobs proposal, followed by an interview with Dr. Ray Walser on Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. The show closed with a discussion of how presidential candidates are reaching out to Hispanics.

The Spanish segment also kicks off with a discussion about the president’s new jobs proposal, along with how he proposes to pay for it. After that we answer member questions, including: Though tax increases can’t pay for the deficit we have, shouldn’t they pay for some of it? What does Heritage think of the president’s jobs proposal?

Listen to answers to those questions and more!

The next Heritage Libertad Radio program will be this Sunday, October 2, at noon ET. Click here to tune in.