This Isn’t Brain Surgery

Rob Bluey /

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Tex.) worked as a doctor for 21 years before coming to Congress. But performing surgery might be easier than the task ahead of him. Burgess has made it his mission to educate House Republicans about health care reform so they feel comfortable talking about it in Washington and back home. Through a series of meetings on Capitol Hill, co-sponsored by Heritage, Burgess has made it a top priority.

Earlier this week Burgess dropped by our Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing to share his thoughts. Santiago Leon of Accuracy in Media put together an excellent video from the event, which includes an interview with Burgess about his objectives.


As one of the authors of Sen. John McCain’s free-market health care plan, Burgess is well equipped to lead this debate in Congress. He also holds an important post as vice chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee. With health care certain to be one of the big issues on voters’ minds this November, Burgess’ principles for making health care portable between states, fixing inequities in the tax code and making insurance more accessible are right on the money.