Top 10 Reads: August 9, 2011

Abigail White /

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  1. Fueling higher gas prices – Ed Feulner
  2. Yemen looks like al Qaeda’s new heartland – James Carafano
  3. Left’s Tea Party Invective on Boil – Brian Darling
  4. Pity the debt-paying generation – Bill Beach & Dustin Siggins
  5. TWO VIEWS: Voter ID is a sensible precaution – Hans von Spakovsky
  6. Population and climate change: Bend baby curve like Beckhams – Chuck Donovan
  7. Contraception edict tramples conscience – Rebbeca Hagelin
  8. Ryan: Deficit committee unlikely to achieve anything remarkable – Tina Korbe
  9. Despite sunny outlook, job numbers show working population shrinking – Neil Munro
  10. The Night Rioters Took Over Britain – Emily Allen & Rob Cooper