Top 10 Reads: August 3, 2011

Abigail White /

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  1. Time for a red-tape rescue – Ed Feulner
  2. Debate continues on balanced budget amendment – Trish Choate
  3. Test cheating rooted in centralization – Lindsey Burke
  4. Bill Clinton Does ‘Jim Crow’ – WSJ
  5. Let’s hope N.C.’s voter ID bill lives to fight another day – Pat McCrory
  6. Pakistan racing to placate China: An analysis – Seema Sirohi
  7. Levin and McCain: We have no idea how much debt deal cuts defense – Josh Rogin
  8. Debt ceiling gridlock may lead to ‘Warrior Fix’ – Neil Munro
  9. Tea party demands apology for Biden’s ‘terrorist’ slam – Bob Unruh
  10. Obama Due In Chicago To Celebrate His 50th Birthday With Fundraiser – Huffington Post