Washington in a Flash: Recess!

Abigail White /

Now that President Obama has signed the Budget Control Act into law following weeks of grueling debate, lawmakers are packing their bags and heading home for August recess. Both houses of Congress return the first week of September, but neither passed a formal adjournment resolution, denying Obama the opportunity to make recess appointments.

Lawmakers wrapped up their work without finalizing an agreement on the Federal Aviation Administration funding bill. Thousands of civilian employees and construction workers have been out of work since the partial FAA shutdown last month.

Heritage welcomes Roger Helmer to speak on his book, “Sceptic at Large.” The conservative member of the European Parliament tells a personal account of the major events during his odyssey through the corridors of Brussels over the past decade and documents his long battle against creeping European integration. The event begins at 11 a.m. ET. and will be webcast live.