Millennials Embrace American Exceptionalism

Abigail White /

In the wake of last week’s Independence Day celebrations, millions of young Americans are embracing their freedom. While Generation Yers may have the stereotype of being self-centered, many of them not only view themselves as exceptional — they hold the same view of America as well.

A recent poll commissioned by Generation Opportunity reveals that the majority of Millennials embrace American exceptionalism. The survey, conducted by the polling company/WomanTrend, found 56 percent of Millennials embrace the notion that is America is qualitatively different than other nations.

While some may want to bash American exceptionalism, it is a direct product of the freedom of the American people. It is not the idea that Americans think they are better; it merely describes the uniqueness upon which this great nation was founded. The principles of liberty, personal responsibility, opportunity, and prosperity form America’s distinct ideology.

The poll also indicates that the majority of Millennials feel America has seriously fallen off track, perhaps due to the abandonment of the Founding principles. While young adults are not typically a driving force behind public policy, their patriotism may be a driving force behind reprioritizing American exceptionalism.

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