Washington in a Flash: Will the Senate Scuttle Next Week’s Vacation?

Rob Bluey /

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) didn’t come to Washington to make friends. And after calling on his colleagues to skip their week-long Fourth of July vacation, he might even have a few enemies. A day after making a passionate speech on the Senate floor, Johnson was leading a group of 10 Republican colleagues to oppose the Senate’s upcoming recess until lawmakers take action on the debt. Expect more fireworks today.

Heritage welcomes author James Delingpole for a noon event on his new book, “Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors.” Delingpole writes a blog for Britain’s Daily Telegraph website and in 2010 won the Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism. It promises to be an entertaining event. You can watch it live on Heritage.org.

UPDATE: The Senate did, in fact, cancel next week’s recess. We’d like to think Scribe had some influence, but the credit really goes to Johnson and Co.