Top 10 Reads: June 29, 2011

Abigail White /

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  1. First Amendment Wins in Arizona Campaign Finance Case – Hans von Spakovsky
  2. On nukes, Obama ‘leads’ & the world laughs – Peter Brookes
  3. Bureaucratic Insanity: Wasting money while undermining public health – Dr. Fuller Torrey
  4. FCC Pledges to Scrub Fairness Doctrine by August – John Eggerton
  5. Dodd-Frank Rekindles Old Debate: State vs. Federal Law – Louise Story
  6. ObamaCare Puts Big Dent in Hiring – John Rossomando
  7. Cornyn links China debt to need for balanced budget amendment – Todd Gillman
  8. Foreign investment falters as debt grows, regulation expands – Liz Sauchelli
  9. Think economic freedom, think higher quality of life – Tina Korbe
  10. Future of federal solar programs in doubt – Erin Kelly