Top 10 Reads: June 28, 2011

Abigail White /

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  1. Obama’s illusory ‘peace dividend’ – Ed Feulner
  2. No Defense Cuts or Tax Increases in Debt Deal – Marc Thiessen
  3. Fewer prosecuted in benefits program fraud – Brad Heath
  4. Trade Pacts Clear Key Hurdle on Worker Aid – Elizabeth Williamson
  5. ‘Sick notes’ for protestors raise ethical questions – Alissa Smith
  6. Federal Lawmakers to Consider Distracted Driving Law – WIFR
  7. The Obama Doctrine Defined – Douglas J. Feith & Seth Cropsey
  8. The Coming Afghan Debacle – Bret Stephens
  9. Iran test-fires 14 missiles during military drills – CNN
  10. In politics, as in basketball, pride marks the road to destruction – Jennifer Marshall