Washington in a Flash: The Court Is Adjourned

Rob Bluey /

The U.S. Supreme Court wraps up business today with four final rulings. Two of the cases involve the First Amendment, including a decision on Arizona’s campaign finance law. Next week Heritage hosts the annual “Scholars and Scribes Review the Rulings” on July 6 at 10 a.m. Click to RSVP or get a reminder about the webcast.

The House is on recess until July 6, but expect more news about the debt limit. With just about a month until the deadline set by the Obama administration, it’s likely to remain the primary focus of Capitol Hill.

There are no public events at Heritage, but we will be celebrating the arrival of Lachlan Markay. He’s our new investigative reporter whose work you’ll be reading on Scribe. Lachlan joins us from Dialog New Media, where he worked under the talented Matthew Sheffield. In the past he’s contributed to NewsBusters and the Washington Examiner. Follow him on Twitter: @LachlanMarkay.

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