Rep. Tom Price on Debt Ceiling, Medicare, and Obamacare

David Weinberger /

In a recent radio interview with The Heritage Foundation, Representative Tom Price (R–GA) brought us up to date on the budget, debt ceiling, and Obamacare. Listen to the inside scoop here.

Price answered questions about whether he thinks conservatives will leverage the debt ceiling vote by demanding tough spending cuts and whether compromise is likely.

Responding to a recent charge Representative Jim McDermott (D–WA) leveled at the conservative attempt to reform Medicare, Price—who is also a physician—said McDermott’s claims were “a mischaracterization and a falsehood about our program.”

Price also shared his thoughts on Obamacare and its legislative and constitutional challenges. “The waivers give great credibility to the argument that this program doesn’t work,” he said.

Catch the full interview here.