Russia vs EU’s Eastern Partnership

Yevgeny Volk /

A group photo during the Eastern Partnership (Modern Silk Road energy Summit) Summit in Prague, Czech Republic, on May 8, 2009.

Moscow is viewing  the EU’s new project – the Eastern Partnership – with suspicion. The Kremlin believes the decision to establish the group (made up of the six post-Soviet nations – Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia) would weaken Russia’s clout in the post-Soviet space and hurt Moscow’s politic and economic interests in its “special interests zone.” The Kremlin is unhappy about the fact that the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, that are traditionally mistrustful of Russia’s policy in Europe, are the Eastern Partnership’s main driving force.

However, Moscow’s leverage to prevent a rapprochement of the former Soviet states with the European Union and their subsequent integration in Big Europe is not that large. (more…)