Obama Can’t See the Icebergs

Ernest Istook /

President Obama could learn a lesson from this fable about a great ship.

Having received ample warning of icebergs ahead, some of the crew of the HMS Titanic proposed changing course to avoid them.

But the captain objected.

“Making that maneuver would end this cruise as we know it.  It would disrupt the passengers’ peace of mind, discomfiting them as we turn and swerve, especially those below decks in steerage,” the captain told them.  “There is no immediate jeopardy and I am appointing a commission to consider other options.”

The captain then activated the ship-wide public address system and announced, “This is the captain speaking.  We are happy to have you aboard the greatest and most unsinkable ship ever built.

“I am told there are icebergs ahead, but as you can tell we have not hit any and we are still afloat.  To avoid them will require sacrifice, but not at the expense of our passengers in steerage, who include seniors, poor children, and the disabled. (more…)