Morning Bell: School Choice Is the New Normal

Ericka Andersen /

Finding effective solutions to our nation’s education problems is one of the most pressing issues facing America today. Many children lack quality educational options and are too often relegated to attending low-performing schools. A lack of educational choice is a reality for thousands of low- and middle-income children across the country and is a major factor in our nation’s mediocre academic achievement levels. But thankfully, 2011 has marked a turning-point for school choice, with a growing number of states implementing options such as vouchers, tuition tax credit programs, online learning and other innovative school choice options – that offer a better alternative for America’s children.

School choice, which saves taxpayers money and simultaneously offers children a higher quality education, is sweeping the nation. And it’s an idea whose time has come. Instead of funding school buildings, the philosophy behind school choice says we should fund students instead and allow education dollars to follow a child to the school of his or her choice. (more…)