Single Payer 101: “Everybody In, Nobody Out”

Rory Cooper /

There is often a lot of talk in America about ‘single payer health care systems’ but what does that really means? To put it simply, a single payer health care system is one in which the federal government is the only ‘payer’ to doctors, hospitals and other health care providers with no existing private insurance companies or competitors. Essentially, it is the cornerstone of ‘Universal Health Care’.

Why is this important? Because this is essentially what President Obama promises will not happen. The President has repeatedly told audiences that if they liked their insurance providers, and doctors, nothing would change under his plan. He forgot to add ‘for now’. The President’s health care proposal is a major down payment on a single payer system, and the quickest route to crowding out private insurers and putting the government in between you and your doctor. But don’t take our word for it.