White House Amnesty Association’s Spring Meeting

Jena McNeill /

It’s that time of year again—the time for White House meetings aimed at placating the pro-amnesty lobby.

There is lots of placating to do. It is almost an election year, meaning that soon politicians will engage in the time-honored tradition of duck and cover—which means they are definitely not interested in passing any kind of controversial legislation.

President Obama has very few avenues by which to pursue his campaign promise of granting amnesty for the 11 million (down from 12 million) illegal immigrants inside the United States.

With limited options, Administration officials are holding a high-level meeting on immigration, as they have done every year since President Obama has come to office. This time Al Sharpton got an invite. So did Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some of the people in the room may change—but the objective of amnesty never does. (more…)