Davis Release Signals Recalibration of U.S.-Pakistan Intelligence Relationship

Lisa Curtis /

After spending almost two months in a Lahore jail for killing two Pakistanis, CIA contractor Raymond Davis was released today, ending one of the most serious diplomatic standoffs between Islamabad and Washington in nine years of partnering in the fight against terrorism.

Davis was set free after family members of the Pakistanis killed by Davis told a Pakistani court that they were dropping charges in exchange for financial compensation, often referred to as “blood money” in Pakistan.

It is likely that the deal to release Davis in exchange for compensation to the victims’ families was reached behind closed doors by Pakistan’s powerful intelligence agency, the Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the CIA. Pakistani media reports over the last few days hinted that the two intelligence agencies were working to recalibrate the relationship after a series of events had heightened tensions in relations. (more…)