The Post Vouches for DC Vouchers

Dan Lips /

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty goes to Capitol Hill tomorrow to testify on President Bush’s proposed budget for the District in 2008. In an editorial today, The Washington Post encouraged Mayor Fenty to support the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, which is now helping more than 1,900 disadvantaged kids attend private schools:

Political ideology and partisan gamesmanship should not be allowed to blow apart the educational hopes of hundreds of D.C. children. Congress must respect the judgment of District leaders in giving parents a choice in one of the most crucial aspects of their children’s lives.

Further, the Post writes:

There are 1,900 children enrolled — quite happily — in the program. What’s at stake is not a political point of honor but the opportunity for children to go to schools that work for them. Second, it’s a program that is supported by District leaders and embraced by their constituents. A measure of its popularity is how demand for the scholarships outstrips capacity.

To learn more about the D.C. voucher program and the other school choice programs that are working around the country, check out this Heritage Foundation Backgrounder.