Defrost U.S.-Taiwan Relations

Walter Lohman /

Leadership means people are depending on you. Taiwan has only one friend in the world it can truly depend on to safeguard its security: the United States of America. It is a mission that was enshrined in American law in 1979. Honestly, the Bush Administration wasn’t great about living up to its obligations in this regard, but the Obama Administration is worse – because the situation is more dire.

Standing still is just not an option. Taiwan’s place in the world and its relationship with China (PRC) continues to evolve. Last year, the Obama Administration approved the second half of a $13 billion arms package that dates back to 2001. It should be commended for that. But 2001 was a long time ago—especially in Asia, where China’s military modernization continues to roar ahead, and the preponderance of its military planning, training, and acquisition remains targeted on Taiwan. (more…)