Podcast: Moscow Airport Bombing

David Weinberger /

America can learn a lesson from the recent Moscow bombing: Just because we’re fortunate enough to live in America, where suicide bombings thankfully don’t happen – and God-willing won’t ever happen – we need to remain vigilant and ramp up our national security. After a couple recent close calls, particularly from terrorists Faisal Shahzad (Times Square bomber) and Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Christmas Day bomber), securing our country is still of utmost importance.

But what does this suicide bombing mean for Russia? What will likely retaliation be? And what will it mean for its relations with the middle east?

Having written over 500 articles, 25 book chapters, and after decades of experience researching the Soviet Union and Middle East, Heritage Expert Ariel Cohen answers these important questions and more surrounding the bombing in a brand new podcast. Listen to the full interview, here. (more…)