A Primer on the Implications of the G-20 Summit

Ted Bromund /

Yesterday, the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom hosted a panel on “The Implications of the G-20 Summit for the Political Sovereignty and Economic Freedom of the United States.” The panel, which was hosted by Dr. Ted R. Bromund and featured Dr. J.D. Foster (Heritage), Dr. Desmond Lachman (AEI), and Prof. Jeremy Rabkin (George Mason), was broadcast live by CSPAN. If you want a primer on the financial crisis and the Summit, you can watch the panel now, courtesy of CSPAN.

The run-up to the Summit itself is now being dominated by French President Sarkozy’s headline grabbing threat to walk out unless the G-20 agrees to support supranational regulation of the world’s financial markets. (more…)