Misguided Children’s Advocates Make Mischief at the UN

Grace Melton /

As American children spent last weekend trick-or-treating, many bringing home donations for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) along with their hauls of candy, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice congratulated the organization’s 60-year Halloween fundraising campaign.

Parents who were worried about how much sugar their little ones consumed would surely be even more concerned if they were aware of the mischief and nonsense that has become run of the mill at UNICEF and its sister U.N. entities. The past several decades have brought a transition away from UNICEF’s founding focus on children’s health and survival to that of the radical feminists, usually under the guise of children’s rights. Now, UNICEF programs and policies tend to emphasize the rights of “the girl-child” and advocate for children’s sexual and reproductive rights. Unfortunately, this trend creates an artificial tension between children and their parents, and the importance of the family is relegated to the sidelines. (more…)