Side Effects: Now Even Democrats Are Voicing Concern About Obamacare’s Consequences

Kathryn Nix /

Imagine that one day, your boss takes you out to coffee.  You offer to pick up the tip as a contribution. The two of you head down the street and are faced with quite the conundrum: two coffee shops to choose from! Both offer a delicious cup of joe for the same price, but in front of one, a benevolent gentleman who calls himself Uncle Sam (weird, right?) offers you a coupon for 50 percent off, so both you and your boss will save. Which coffee shop do you think your employer would take you to?

This is not a trick question. The scenario described above captures how employers are likely to react to incentives created by Obamacare to dump employer coverage, as Governor Philip Bredesen (D–TN) explained recently in The Wall Street Journal. (more…)