Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Dismisses Liberal Hysteria Over Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

Nick Givas /

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz defended President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday and rebuked liberals for their vocal opposition.

“He went to Yale law school and he taught at Harvard. What can be wrong with that,” Dershowitz said.


“He has a lot of support from centrist academics. He is regarded as a very scholarly, very smart person. I probably will disagree with many of his opinions, but it’s hard to question his qualifications for the job,” he continued. “Those of us who are center liberals hope he is more like Justice Kennedy, maybe more like a Chief Justice Roberts than like Justice Gorsuch, but only time will tell.”

Dershowitz also discussed Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s comments about Kavanaugh and said she was only disparaging him to fire up her voter base.

“She knows him. They served together on the law school faculty. He is not a hostile person,” Dershowitz concluded. “She is obviously saying what her base wants to hear. And, you know, what’s happened to Supreme Court confirmation battles is just a tragedy.”

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