A Self-Inflicted Wound: Obama’s Vacillation on Iran

Ray Walser /

The sham agreement signed on May 17 by Iran with Brazil and Turkey to swap low enriched uranium for fuel for the Tehran research reactor has been widely exposed as little more than Iranian effort to divide and confuse the international community and buy time for the construction of a nuclear weapon.

Iran, aided and abetted by the leaders of Brazil and Turkey, structured the deal to give the illusion of diplomatic progress without addressing the core issue involved in Iran’s nuclear defiance: Iran continues to enrich uranium in flagrant violation of five U.N. Security Council resolutions and three rounds of sanctions.

The IAEA has stated that Iran currently has enough low enriched uranium to build two nuclear bombs if it is further enriched, a point admitted by Brazil’s Foreign Minister. Likewise, Iran continues to stonewall inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). (more…)