Morning Bell: A Window of Opportunity for Iraq

Conn Carroll /

News from Iraq today reminds us that al Qaeda is still capable of inflicting misery on the Iraqi people. But, when pressed, even the Democrat presidential candidates admit the security situation in Iraq has markedly improved. As Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno pointed out earlier this month, while the surge is succeeding it has not yet achieved ultimate success: “For the government of Iraq, the surge has provided a window of opportunity. This window will not remain open forever.”

How long that window stays open is up to the American people. As much as the U.S. has sacrificed so far, volumes of recent polling show that as long Iraqis are making progress, the American people will continue to support the efforts of soldiers like Odierno.

Heritage analyst James Carafano explained the surge in support to the AP: “Americans are not casualty averse. They are failure averse. They were unhappy with the lack of progress and spiraling violence. That is why you have seen public support rebound after it was clear the surge was working.” U.S. success in Iraq is showing up in polling from other countries as well:

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