House and Senate Cloakroom: May 3-7, 2010

Dan Ziegler /

House Cloakroom:  May 3 – 7

While the Senate works on the financial regulatory overhaul bill the only major bill the House will take up during the week will be a home energy efficiency bill commonly referred to as “Cash for Caulkers.” The cash for caulkers bill, not to be confused with last summers cash for clunkers program, is set to spend $6 billion to incentivize homeowners and contractors to take steps to make homes more energy efficient.  Advocates of the bill claim that it will also create more “green jobs” in the economy.  Unfortunately measures like this only create government dependent jobs that only survive as long as the federal government is willing to dole out taxpayer dollars in order to prop them up. This will not add the kind of long term private sector jobs that will fuel our economy for years to come. (more…)