We Hear You: ‘Relevant, Accurate, Honest News on Subjects That Matter’

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Editor’s note: We heard from many of you about Editor-in-Chief Rob Bluey’s March 12 commentary on The Washington Post story questioning inclusion of The Daily Signal’s White House correspondent, Fred Lucas, in the press pool that covers President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence wherever they go. Here’s a hefty sampling. —Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: I loved Rob Bluey’s article on The Daily Signal and its White House correspondent, Fred Lucas (“The Daily Signal Won’t Be Bullied by the Establishment Media”). Many years ago, being over 60 now, I started following politics on TV, which back then was our main source of information. It was before cell phones and computers, but I constantly saw the media’s bias—which really cemented my choosing the other side.

I received The Washington Post’s e-newsletter as a gift from themselves, I guess. But I read a parody about President Trump that disgusted me so much I don’t even look at it just to see what the other side is up to anymore.

I love the fact I can get relevant, accurate, honest news on subjects that matter to me in The Daily Signal. The Washington Post is an ungodly hell, which bullies usually are. Keep up the good work. —Linda Hegarty


Dear Daily Signal: Glad to read Rob Bluey’s article about The Daily Signal not being bullied by the left-wing media. I am sure you know there are many (and I emphasize the word “many”) that don’t even read articles written by the liberal media anymore, because we know it is filled with lies and half-truths.

I am behind The Daily Signal and The Heritage Foundation 100 percent. Keep reporting the truth.  That wins out every time. —Mark F. Kleespies


Dear Daily Signal: What you folks need to do is bask in the glory and thumb your nose at the “mainstream media.” Whatever you folks do, be on the offensive. Now is the time. Good luck on making the MSM crazy for the next four to eight years. Go fer it. —Robyn Schmalz


The “legitimate” news comes from the revolving-door media heads, who went seamlessly from working at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc. to working in the Obama administration and back again. Also if you do not adhere to leftist doctrine you never will get a decent-paying journalism job, just like if you are a conservative you better stay in the closet if you want to work in the tech sector or Hollywood. —Robert Mulligan, Spokane, Wash.


The Daily Signal, along with all other forms of conservative media being trashed by the left, ought to wear that criticism as a badge of honor. We are winning, and the daily hysteria from the pathetic “mainstream media,” Democrat Party, and their cohorts proves it.

Thanks to technology and trailblazers like Rush Limbaugh, those of us hardworking folks in the real world outside D.C., New York City, and Hollywood finally have a voice and it is resonating. We simply do not need them anymore.

I have added a great deal to my knowledge by reading The Daily Signal and being a member of the high-caliber Heritage Foundation, who help me to voice my opinion with facts. It’s like eating a fortified bowl of nice big nails every morning.

I began distrusting “mainstream media” during the Nixon administration and solidified my disgust with them during the Obama terms, when everything I read was so blatantly biased as to be laughable were it not so serious.

So take heart, everyone. It’s going to be a long and difficult struggle, but when you’re fighting for actual well-thought-out policies as opposed to screeching bumper-sticker rhetoric, then the truth always will prevail. Sooner or later those bumper stickers get tired and old. —Barbara Sbrogna

We won’t be bullied by the establishment media. https://t.co/IXpR615cAD pic.twitter.com/SIJTqS5q3N

— The Daily Signal (@DailySignal) March 12, 2017

The attacks on The Daily Signal and others who don’t subscribe to the same “groupthink” mentality as the former emperor and his legions of minions are a disgrace. But even more than that, they’re dangerous to our republic.

The emperor had his way over the past eight years to “fundamentally transform America” into something the Founders did not intend. He was able to do that by way of an extremely corrupt media oohing and aahing at his every word, lapping up every utterance like a dog in desperate need of a drink. Everything the emperor did was the gold standard, according to his accomplices in the media, and anything anyone did who dared challenge him was racist, homophobic, xenophobic.

Without a willing participant in the media, a narcissistic megalomaniac could not have brought our country to the brink.  I’ve said that he wouldn’t go quietly into the night like most who leave office. As he quietly assembles and teaches his tens of thousands of radical community disorganizers, the “mainstream media” is ignoring that as well. —Anthony Politano


It is really wholly one-sided as The Daily Signal’s critics consider Huffington Post as legitimate news and yet not The Daily Signal. The Washington Post and The New York Times have a distinct and large liberal bias. They are a good part of the reason it was such a shock when Hillary did not just walk into the White House in a total landslide. They still refuse to cover stories without showing their obvious bias.

I believe the proportion of people who have tired of hearing all the anti-Trump garbage every day is growing. And yet, the “mainstream media” still search out even the least significant and most innocuous actions or tweets to continue their diatribe against his administration. —Tim Dayton, Marco Island, Florida

.@RobertBluey has news for @washingtonpost @WSJ and any other media outlet that tries to bully us: We’re not going to be pushed around. https://t.co/KLE77c9NZ0

— Lyndsey Fifield (@lyndseyfifield) March 12, 2017

“Extremist” and “racist,” among other epithets, are well known communist propaganda tools. They don’t like you because you’re not them, and you tell the truth. Anathema to communists and tyrants. Expect more of it. —Michael DeBell


No institution in American society has failed us more than the press, except possibly the family. The liberal bias of the “mainstream media” is so pervasive it’s impossible to get the truth from them. Those of us fortunate enough to live in a free country must have an independent, objective news media in order to keep up with current events and be informed citizens.

The “mainstream media” no longer takes that responsibility seriously, being more concerned about ratings and sensationalism, and about promoting a liberal agenda. President Trump is right—they are the “dishonest media.”

Without news sources such as The Daily Signal, we may never know the truth about anything. —Randy and Peggy Malcom


We trust Fred Lucas a lot more than The Wall Street Journal’s Reid Epstein, who doesn’t even know where Fred works. OMG, Epstein = fake news. —Alex Bendya

More than 96% of presidential campaign contributions from people who work in journalism went to Hillary Clinton. https://t.co/IXpR615cAD

— The Daily Signal (@DailySignal) March 12, 2017

The Washington Post has retrogressed into a political arm of the Democratic Central Committee. A few weeks ago I had to resign my email subscription. I just could not stomach any more of their BS, blatant partisan mash. I canceled The New York Times years ago. —Francis Fiqliola, Hartsdale, N.Y.


If the “mainstream media” were really honest, they would have demanded from the Obama administration a full accounting of the corruption and lies. Instead, they are looking for ratings and furthering their political agenda. If they were honest about their biases, people could respect that. To hide it and attack others for being biased has led to distrust of the mainstream media.—Philip Daspit


Let’s see: BuzzFeed, The Root, and The Daily Beast … yes, yes, paragons of objective reporting there. —Brandon Wilhite, Lawrenceville, Ga.


I love how you’re really saying, “We’re an illegitimate and blatantly biased news source, and we’re proud of it.” Way to turn the tables on reality. I’m sure the fiction writers over at Breitbart are impressed.

You’re not kidding anyone. Everybody knows you’re just propaganda writers who print wildly slanted and emotionally charged stories that get your readers worked into such a frenzy they donate money to you.

Your real job isn’t covering news, it’s fleecing your readers out of their money by printing biased, volatile news that feeds them an inaccurate, but emotionally satisfying, barrage of fake news. You’re making enough money off stupid people that I don’t expect you to change your tactics. —Kraig Blackwelder

"We won't be bullied." Our editor in chief @RobertBluey responds to WaPo's attempt to delegitimize @DailySignal as a news organization. https://t.co/cej8UfENoJ

— Kelsey Harkness (@kelseyjharkness) March 12, 2017

I trust the reporting of The Daily Signal, unlike The New York Times, The Washington Post, and all the rest of the “mainstream media.” —Beverly Wilson


Not sure if the White House pool list you published is more extensive than in the previous administration(s), but I believe this is most likely the case.

If so, greater inclusiveness should force those who have had a longstanding monopoly on “news” previously to be more honest and objective by including broader, more honest, fact-based reporting vs. the ongoing attempts to make facts subservient to the promotion of certain ideologies.

“Mainstreamers,” who with strong bias and high levels of ideologically driven dishonesty, disinformation, and complicity failed to hold to the fire the feet of their ideological running mates in government (i.e, liberals and leftists, clearly seen by their wildly one-sided donations to the appropriately failing party and the last eight years of softball) largely have undermined what credibility they had left.

That loss of credibility is a very good thing and should be a necessary corrective until such strongly biased organizations achieve a higher level of ethical integrity, thereby regaining the trust they have squandered and rightly lost.

Guess we’ll have to see if such broader inclusion has such a salutary effect on rampant media bias and corruption. It is slowly getting harder to lie and distort in the internet era. —Doug Wallace

Other outlets covering wh pool in March: huffpo & talking points memo. So why focus on daily signal? pic.twitter.com/EHN3Hepuy2

— Katrina Trinko (@KatrinaTrinko) March 10, 2017

The “mainstream media” are 180 degrees out of phase with most of the American public, and their blatant bias is on display on a daily basis. Who the devil does The Washington Post think it is to be the arbiter of who can be in the White House press pool and who can’t? —Vernon Welles


If the “mainstream media” had done their vetting job in 2008, we would not be in the mess we are in today. —Tonya Parnell


I read both The Daily Signal and The New York Times. I watch both Fox News and MSNBC. These are startlingly distinct parallel universes of information and outlook. A good, skeptical American will use multiple information sources and try to evaluate them objectively, or at least as objectively as possible, and will compare and contrast opposing views. More startling is what the other side omits from its narrative, which is substantially more dangerous than what it includes. —John Levin


The whole problem for the “mainstream media” is that they won’t be able to publish their always negative reports that bash the Trump administration, whether or not there is any foundation to their story. They are trying to push out the honest source so that they can get back to lying about the administration’s actions. —Tom Prendergast

FLASHBACK: New W.H. pool rotation sparks debate https://t.co/4omT9Hqy1b

— Rob Bluey (@RobertBluey) March 13, 2017

The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and even The Wall Street Journal allow too much op-ed to bleed onto the front page for us to trust what they print—or what they leave out. —Alex Bendyna


You must be doing something right. You got their attention. Keep it up. You need to get more free advertising like that. —Al Cibiade


In my 75-plus years, I have watched the Fourth Estate morph into a fifth column. The “dawning of the Age of Aquarius” in the ’60s certainly was a “churning point” in American journalism. —John Besharian


I don’t believe anyone should get upset over another’s bias, unless they hide it behind something else and pretend to be something they are not. As for the nitpickers, I hope they find a whole lot of nits and can’t get rid of them.—Martha Tinker Robinson


Hurray for The Daily Signal. It’s about time for the lefties to be challenged.—Katharine Dupre

Washington Post panics that the White House press pool is tainted by 'partisan' right-wingers! https://t.co/hXjQwSwxkp via @TimJGraham

— Rob Bluey (@RobertBluey) March 12, 2017