Obama Votes Against His Own Platform

Conn Carroll /

The symbolic nature of the Senate’s budget authorization process lends itself to occasional gamesmanship, and Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) took full advantage last night. Allard combed through Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) many campaign promises and compiled a list of 188 new spending proposals that he then packaged together and offered as an amendment to the Fiscal 2009 budget plan. Allard calculated that for the 111 proposals for which cost estimated were possible, Obama’s promises would cost the American taxpayer $300 billion per year and $1.4 trillion over five years. Allard released a floor statement highlighting the size of this spending package, including:

When Obama was forced to the floor to vote against the amendment he gave a hard glare to the Republican side of the aisle and said, “Hey Allard, You working this hard?” Allard only wanted to raise the issue of run away taxing and spending, and joined Obama in voting against the measure which lost 97-0.