Not an April Fool’s Joke: “School-Homing” Education Ideas

Jennifer Marshall /

“According to a report released Monday by the U.S. Department of Education, an increasing number of American parents are choosing to have their children raised at school rather than at home,” The Onion “reports” today.

“School-homing,” as the satirical source dubs the fictional trend, would be a witty April Fool’s fib if it didn’t sound so much like the liberal education ideas we’ve heard in the last few decades.

The Clinton administration, for example, popularized the idea of “one-stop shopping” for social services at public schools. They also heavily promoted school-based clinics, which offer services including reproductive health counseling and contraceptives to minors.

The Obama administration is following suit. The new health care law massively increases funding for school-based clinics–$250 million over the next five years.  Meanwhile, Secretary Duncan described his “Department’s cradle-to-career education strategy” in testimony before the House Budget Committee last month.

He went on to explain that the Obama administration’s Department of Education budget request includes: (more…)