TPC’s Hits and Misses on Ryan’s Roadmap

J.D. Foster /

WASHINGTON, DC - March 24: Rep. Paul D. Ryan, ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, criticizes the amount of spending and debt in President Obama's budget proposal.

On March 9 the Tax Policy Center (TPC) released a preliminary analysis of the tax reform proposal contained in Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Roadmap for America’s Future fiscal plan. The TPC analysis helps Ryan advance the tax reform ball considerably, but it also raises issues some of which need to be addressed by Congressman Ryan (R-WI), the author of the plan, and some by the TPC.

Perhaps most important of all is that the TPC analysis, along with a slew of commentary both favorable and unfavorable from other sources, confirms that the Ryan plan is a very serious, substantive foray into tax reform. The Ryan plan provides an intellectually sound, coherent and fundamental path to tax reform, and is part of a broader plan to resolve our long-term fiscal crisis. If it were otherwise, the tax reform component would be ignored. (more…)