Guest Blogger: Message for John Brennan: First Rule of Holes Is … Stop Digging

Marc Thiessen /

Assistant to the President for Counterterrorism John Brennan

In USA Today this morning, Obama’s top counter-terrorism advisor lashes out at those criticizing the administration’s bungling of the Christmas Day bomber interrogation.  Brennan accuses critics of “[p]olitically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering” which he declares “only serve the goals of al-Qaeda.”

My goodness.

Only one problem for Brennan.  The criticism to which he refers is not from Dick Cheney and commentators on the right.  His op-ed was a reply to an editorial from USA Today, published side by side with his own, which is entitled: “Our view on war on terror: National security team fails to inspire confidence. Officials’ handling of Christmas Day attack looks like amateur hour.” (more…)