Green Energy, Green Jobs and Green Guarantees

Nicolas Loris /

It’s no surprise the stimulus bill is loaded with green energy initiatives. Ideally, the bill can kill two birds with one stone by creating green jobs; it can solve our environmental and recessionary concerns in one fell swoop.

But what have we learned so far?

1.) A green jobs initiative may actually hurt the economy by slowing growth and increasing unemployment. It’s a net job killer – see California.

2.) Green jobs don’t necessarily mean good jobs. A recently released report shows that many green jobs do not pay well. And where do low-paying jobs often go? Out of the country. So to stimulate our economy, we’re not creating jobs, but instead displacing them with low-paying jobs that have a higher probability of being outsourced.

3.) NEPA: Yet Another Reason the Stimulus is Guaranteed to Fail

4.) Non-Existent Unemployed Climate Modelers Get $140 Million

Also included are loan guarantees in which alternative and renewable energy sources are eligible, including nuclear energy. Undoubtedly, this has raised some concerns among environmental groups and other anti-nuclear activists. Do they have a point? The answer is yes but for the wrong reasons. (more…)