Bailout for Criminals

Conn Carroll /

The more we dig, the more audacious spending we find in the Obama Trillion Dollar Debt Plan. On page page 52 of the House bill (and page 42 in the Senate bill), the Trillion Dollar Debt Plan allocates $3 billion ($1.5 billion in the Senate) to the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Grant which is a major source for pre-trial release funding.

The purpose of bail is to ensure that a defendant appears at his or her court date. The Byrne Grant program has other purposes, but it will allow more criminals to skip bail while awaiting trial without the fear of losing a pot of money. The reason for bail is set for an individual is because he is a flight risk. If the federal government has more money to post bail for criminals who are flight risks, then it is more likely that criminals will roam free before their court date.

Only the left could consider putting more criminals in the loose to be economic stimulus.

UPDATE: The House version earmarks $3 billion for the Byrne Grant program while the Senate only allows $1.5 billion.