Copenhagen Conference Begins While The Global Warming Scare Ends

Ben Lieberman /

The United Nations climate change conference begins in Copenhagen today, but it may spell the beginning of the end to the global warming scare.

For nearly two years, this meeting was touted as the biggest global warming conference since the 1997 meeting in Kyoto, Japan. That conference resulted in the Kyoto Protocol, with emissions reduction targets for developed nations. These targets expire in 2012, thus Copenhagen was seen as the pivotal time and place to expand the Kyoto approach into the future. American wisely stayed out of Kyoto – which has been a failure, as developing nations like China were exempted from reductions, and many developed nations have failed to live up to its commitments – but many thought President Obama would sign the U.S. up to a post-Kyoto deal.

But economic, political, and scientific reality is intruding. Even with the President promising to attend the conference on the critical final day, it does not look like much will come of Copenhagen other than the usual consolation agreement to try again next year. (more…)