Sacrifice Spending to Pay for the War

J.D. Foster /

Liberals in Congress and out are calling for a new tax to pay for the war on terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. At the same time, rising unemployment and falling political prospects have driven President Obama and friends to fumble for stimulus 2.0, the first $787 billion Obama stimulus having now so obviously if predictably failed. Only liberals could propose higher taxes and a jobs summit at the same time and not notice the conflict.

Of course, the real purpose of the tax proposal is to bring additional leftwing pressure on Obama to force him to surrender in Afghanistan. Whatever the purpose, there is a legitimate debate here. In addition to disrupting families and costing thousands of American lives in America’s defense, these wars are also expensive (over $100 billion annually), have gone on a long time (8 years for Afghanistan), and appear likely to continue for years to come. (more…)