28 Tweets Responding to Netflix’s New Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy

Leah Jessen /

New parents have a laundry list of things to worry about, but on Tuesday, streaming service Netflix decided to take one thing off that list for its employees: maternity and paternity leave.

The U.S. media company announced that parents can take off an unlimited amount of maternity or paternity leave for the first year after a child is born or an adoption occurs.

The company says it hopes to give employees the “freedom and responsibility” to make their own family-based decisions as they become new moms and dads.

Tawni Cranz, Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, wrote a blog post after the policy change to update staff and media.

“We want employees to have the flexibility and confidence to balance the needs of their growing families without worrying about work or finances,” Cranz wrote.

“Parents can return part-time, full-time, or return and then go back out as needed,” she continued. “Netflix’s continued success hinges on us competing for and keeping the most talented individuals in their field. Experience shows people perform better at work when they’re not worrying about home.”

As news of the policy shift broke, Twitter responses poured in—some critical and some showering the media provider with applause.

No parent should have to choose between getting a paycheck and caring for their baby. Well done, @Netflix. https://t.co/gDsKCuWrGe

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 5, 2015

@HillaryClinton @netflix obviously, no role for govt to play here. No grandstanding needed. Should point out leave= lower wages though #econ

— Joe Sanders (@joesanders33) August 5, 2015

I saw on the news that Netflix is offering their employees one year paid maternity and paternity leave. I wonder what they will do all day?

— Boyd’s Backyard (@TheBoydP) August 5, 2015

@GMA finally a company who understands the importance of being with your babies during that time! Good job #Netflix

— Dena Shonts (@denashonts) August 5, 2015

@ABC more employers need to follow suit. Let’s think about the employee as more than just an employee.

— victor montes (@mictermonte) August 5, 2015

@nytimes Its well-intentioned but as a business, will fail & generate resentment w/ workers who carry load while they are out. Challenging.

— Uneasy Civilian (@HercFamily5) August 5, 2015

@verge Is this fair to people without children?

— Eduardo Alvarez (@EdAlvarezB) August 5, 2015

The new policy recognizes that timing for everyone will be different, & gives employees latitude to find a path back that works for them.

— Sarah Mei (@sarahmei) August 5, 2015

@TIME @netflix Still round of applause. It may have a few negative consequences but still a move in the right direction. #thumbsup #Netflix

— Alicia (@loodiddles) August 5, 2015

@latimes Great news, Im loving Netflix even more.

— Agape (@GracenleoGracie) August 5, 2015

@mashable perfect timing @netflix. This kind of benefit is essential in changing American culture to be truly #prolife.

— Mandi (@MandiGraybill) August 5, 2015

Huge shoutout to Netflix for announcing today that its employees can take a year of paid leave when their baby is born! Mom AND dad!

— Jordan (@SassOfTheUS) August 5, 2015

@BuzzFeedNews Great news. Who will have the courage to take the full leave? How will it affect long-term careers?

— Dori Hanswirth (@DoriHanswirth) August 4, 2015

@CNNMoney @heatherkelly Great for them, a choice made by them and not a mandated law!! let’s see how long that holds up

— Christine yates (@th_christine) August 4, 2015

@USATODAY good for them…we need more companies like this #Netflix …worth my 8.99 a month!!!

— karl (@handbanana80) August 5, 2015

It’s my favourite when America catches up to us. Love you guys! Netflix Giving Employees ‘Unlimited’ Leave http://t.co/czpSx5vBv4

— Kristin Hancock (@KristinAnneH) August 5, 2015

Having A Baby Is Not A Disability. Netflix Apparently Gets That. http://t.co/qTC5GPWMwZ

— Aneska Zharkov (@AneskaZ) August 5, 2015

We hope the new #maternity and #paternity leave policy at @netflix is adopted by other great companies as well http://t.co/d4Y2w9o1XI

— Baby Bundle (@BabyBundleApp) August 5, 2015

Microsoft Sweetens Parental Leave Benefits, Following Netflix’s Lead http://t.co/3kaiG62v9l

— High Tech Planet (@HighTechPlanet) August 5, 2015

Netflix Proves There’s No Need for Government Mandated Parental Leave http://t.co/pPt5XFzpqF

— Khoerul A. Salam (@TelurBalado) August 5, 2015

@netflix for President 2016 https://t.co/FB81PND4Iv

— ChicagoDeb (@yiawda) August 5, 2015

@netflix @rajivnathwani that is a great policy!

— leanne griffin (@myhotelyear) August 4, 2015

@netflix as a new mom who got 8 paid wks, i appreciate the value of this. i commend you for your leadership and hope more employers follow!

— Vesna Jaksic Lowe (@vesnajaksic) August 5, 2015

Impressive move and amazing employee benefit @netflix and a great way to positively impact employees and their families.

— SandraS (@sandrasick) August 4, 2015

@netflix So proud of Netflix and your new maternity/paternity policy. I’ll be a subscriber for life!

— Joanna M. Folkes (@JoannaMarie1331) August 5, 2015

Support @netflix for making a huge step to put families first! THANK YOU!!!

— Fr. Steve (@FrSteveMateja) August 5, 2015

@netflix I don’t need this benefit but appreciate its importance. It is a reflection of the culture of ur company. Hope it’s infectious.

— CoopnBoston (@coopnboston) August 5, 2015

@FoxBusiness @FoxNews @netflix this is the way it’s should be done if the business can afford it so be it and not government mandated

— Pajear (@El_Chuco_TX) August 5, 2015